For me, art is everything.
Being able to express yourself throughout art must be the best feeling you can ever have.
I will dedicate my life to art. It would be silly not to.
Too many people take life too serious and grow up too fast. They shouldnt.


Anonymous said...

Wow you have skills man. I am going to use more of my time no the following weeks on coal sketches on bigger frames i can see that you are handeling this art-form in a great manor.

Thanks for letting me take notice of your work.

Kjell Eivind Lohne

Jacob Hubertus said...

Thank you so much for the comment Kjell. I look forward to see even more of your works, cant wait for your blog!

Jacob H

The Traditionalist said...

Amazing, simply amazing.

Malte said...

Snyggt Jake, känner mig träffad som satan med :-)